About Us

Strömblads 100 år brev

AB Gustav Strömblad was established in 1916 by Gustav Strömblad a 
versatile person and a well-known inventor. The company is still in the family´s possession and is today run by Håkan and Meta Pilcrantz.

The original plate works have been developed in to a modern engineering workshop, today specialized in the manufacture of accessories to flagpoles as well as details for shop fittings.

60 years ago the line of business started up, which the company today is best known for – flagpoles, flags and accessories.

We are very proud of our in-house developed and manufactured products: The RIX-finial, The SPIDER banner lift and the POINTER banner bar with ballbearing system, which are sold all over Europe with great success.


Our staff

Håkan PilcrantzHåkan Pilcrantz
Owner, product development and sales
Meta at StrombladsMeta Pilcrantz
Owner, design and interior decoration

Elisabeth-på-Strömblads-1-webElisabeth Bergman
Administration, export sales and domestic sales

Johan Rapp

Johan Rapp Workshop, engineering and production johan@stromblads.com

Ake-at-Stromblads-Åke Lithell

Workshop, engineering and production
Lasse på Strömblads 2Lars Lindahl
Workshop,engineering and production

269762_4416640616860_1117502072_nJames Pilcrantz