External Halyard

Flagpole with external halyard for traditional flaging

The flagpoles are made of fiber armed polyester, which gives the flagpole excellent properties – light, strong and easy to attach to the ground. The flagpole is not affected by cold, heat, sun, rot and moisture.Our flagpoles are made in Sweden and are well-known for the high and even quality. The flagpoles are made in a durable glassfibre reinforced polyester – a material that does not require any maintenance and which combines guaranteed strength and low weight with brilliant finish. In tests executed by SP (Statens Provningsanstalt) these Swedish flagpoles have proved to endure wind of up to 80 m per sec.

The standard lenghts are 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 m.  Other lengths can also be supplied on request.

The base with hinge makes it easy to fold. The base can de used for installation in both ground and rock. Flagpoles of 6-12 m have three attachment points and flagpoles of 14-18 m have four attachment points. You will find more information under “Installations”

Our range also includes traditional flagpoles for installation in old existing beams – for a vintage look. These flagpoles are made with an internal reinforced , metal tube which exceeds the beam in length and thus prevents the flagpole from being broken. If the distance between the double beams is too small for the diameter of the flagpole, the flagpole can be compressed to the right size.

All flagpoles are delivered with finial, halyard, cleat and hinge base.

Which is a proper length of a flagpole? 

The flagpoles can be delivered in all various lengths, however, the standard range – between 6 and 18 m – represents the lengths that are the most requested. As a rule, the flagpole shall be 3-4 m higher than the building next to the flagpole (this rule is mostly applied for villas). The length of the flag shall be 1/4 of the length of the pole and the pennant 1/3 of the length of the pole.

The classic flagpole is white, but can be ordered in any colour according to the RAL- colour scale or in exclusive metallic.

Strömblads represents the leading manufacturers of Swedish flagpoles.

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