Banner bar Mc Donalds

POINTER banner bar, rotating arm with ball bearing system

The POINTER banner bar with ballbearing system is a rotating arm, which prevents the flag from being entangled and keeps the flag extended and visible even when there is no wind.

The POINTER banner bar is designed for banner flags/vertical flags.

The banner bar keeps the flag extended in all weather conditions and prevents theft and damage to the flag.



The banner bar is delivered with:

  •  The RIX-finial
  •  White powder-coated metal socket with ballbearing system 6004 2 RS
  •  Weight ring Cobra
  • 4 pcs plastic loops
  • Aluminium bar with snap-in lock. Maximum length 150 cm


Banner bar - POINTER with RIX-finial

COBRA weight for flagging

sling for Banner bar flaging






Pointer Banner bar Aluminium bar